FISH Certifications

The following organizations/fleets have successfully achieved FISH Standard for Crew certification.  Information about the organization can be found by clicking on the logo. Details of the certification including list of vessels and certifying body can be found by clicking on respective organization’s FISH Certificate.

Certificate Holder Organization
Unit of Certification
Fish Certificate

U.S. flagged catcher-processor vessels of the At-sea Processors Association operating in U.S. waters.

Philippine and Papua New Guinea flagged vessels of the Fishing Industry Association Papua New Guinea

Novanam owned, Namibian flagged vessels operating in the Namibian EEZ.

U.S. flagged Phoenix Processor Limited Partnership processor vessels operating in U.S. waters

The above listing is accurate as of today’s date. No FISH certificates have been suspended, withdrawn or revoked.

Fairness, Integrity, Safety, And Health (FISH) Standard For Crew, Inc. is registered and incorporated in the State of Delaware in the United States. FISH Standard for Crew has applied for a 501 C (6) designation with the IRS. FISH Standard for Crew’s Employer Identification Number is EIN 84-4907466.