The FISH Standard

From January 5 through March 8, 2021, the FISH Standard for Crew conducted a public consultation of the Standard. FISH thanks those who participated for taking the time and effort to provide comments on the FISH Standard for Crew. These valuable comments helped improve and strengthen the FISH Standard and the Auditor Guidance.   

Every comment submitted was seriously considered and was reviewed by the FISH Standard Oversight Committee. Ultimately, 65 comments translated into changes and improvements to the Standard and/or Auditor Guidance. Recommended responses and corresponding changes to the Standard and Auditor Guidance were submitted to the FISH Board of Directors for review and were approved on April 14, 2021.   

Here is a file listing all comments received and responses (anonymized).  View Here.

You can read version 1.0 of the FISH Standard for Crew and the Auditor Guidance Manual in the links below.  

Read in Full
Find the full text of the FISH Standard here.

Read in Full
Find the full text of the Auditor Guidance Manual here.

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